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Centre for Digital Built Britain


Interoperability is pivotal to delivering the ‘whole life’ beneficial outcomes of Building Information Modelling (BIM) to all parties, by providing a means of information transfer between different proprietary technologies; beneficial outcomes not just for clients who own, operate and maintain assets, but the whole construction industry. Following an evidence gathering exercise which resulted in the BIM Interoperability Expert Group report which was published in April 2020, it is evident that not only is there a need to find better solutions for appropriate, timely information transfer between systems e.g. from delivery phase information models to asset management systems, but also to support changes to the way that information is being generated, processed and stored.

In order to address these issues a series of five initial technical workstreams (see below) are being address by the newly formed BIM Interoperability Expert Group. This group is made up of industry experts, with the aim of delivery specific pieces of work to close the gap between strategic aspirations and real world practical delivery.

  1. Classification Schema Alignment
  2. Industry Foundation Class (IFC) and COBie
  3. Education and Skills
  4. Standards
  5. Asset Information Model Common Data Environment (AIM CDE)