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Centre for Digital Built Britain


Following the Call for Networks announced earlier this year, we are delighted to announce the six successful funded networks. These networks will now begin their work towards forming the agenda for future research in support of a digital built Britain.


These networks were all rated highly in their ability to help create the landscape and agenda in their respective areas. Their multi-institutional approach and openness will be an important factor in allowing other inputs to the journey towards creation of a jigsaw of the research landscape

It is important to note that there will be additional calls for research announced soon, which will aim to fill identified gaps in the landscape picture.

Details of the funded networks are listed below, along with the lead contact for each. If you are interested in getting involved with any of these networks we would encourage you to get in touch with the lead in the first instance. 

CDBB is keen to bring together communities interested in the research to be done around enhancing the performance of built assets and the services that depend upon them by better use of data. In future work, CDBB will be commissioning research to underpin the development of capabilities needed to embrace DBB and we envisage the collaborative networks will be a key mechanism to allow partners to offer the multidisciplinary perspectives that will be essential for this work.

Earlier in 2018 CDBB announced a Call for Research Networks - April 10 2018. The purpose of the networks is to build teams to bid to continue the activities of the workshop – but with greater depth, scope and precision; to articulate the state of the art in research and capabilities in the targeted topics, to identify communities of practice and available resources, and to identify the future research needs, their significance and priority.

The establishment of the networks will enable the articulation of the state of the art in their area, and to help identify important resources and capabilities, as well as help define and prioritise future research needs.

Research Network Scoping Workshop – Network Brainstorm

The first opportunity for this community to meet was held during the ‘Research Network Scoping Workshop’ on 10/11 April 2018 at the Moller Centre, Cambridge. It consisted of a series of work streams in order to support the creation of networks to Research Scoping Workshop, April 2018explore the current and needed capabilities of the UK in moving towards DBB. The Workshop brought together a wide range of interested people to join exploratory work streams and plenary sessions to help us to understand the research and capabilities landscape.  Note specifically that participation in, or leadership of network bids will be welcome from people who couldn’t attend the workshop or its work streams.

Summary of the Research Network Scoping Workshop and Call for Networks

In this video we hear from Charles Bouton during the Research Network Scoping Workshop about the event and the next steps, and we hear from Jennifer Schooling about the newly announced Call for Networks.

Introduction to the Research Framework

In this video introduction, given by Dr Charles Boulton during the recent Research Network Scoping Workshop, he explains some of the thought behind the framework used during the event and in mapping the landscape.

At the Workshop we issued the formal invitations for bids for creating, managing and delivering from the networks, expecting responses some four weeks later. The details of the contractual structures around the networks were announced at the conference.

We remain keen to hear of your areas of interest, independently of the workshop, the work streams and networks, and we will keep you informed as the Centre and its activities unfold.

[Contract Pro-Forma] [Call for Research Networks - April 10 2018] [Network Call Contract]