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Centre for Digital Built Britain


The research themes and current projects are listed below. Click on the projects/themes for more details of the research and contact details for project investigators and researchers.

Research Themes

Data and Information Management

Digital Twins and Computer Vision Techniques for Infrastructure Monitoring and Construction Applications

  • Lead: Campbell Middleton
    • Researcher: Didem Gurdur Broo
  • Lead: Joan Lasenby
    • Researcher: Vladimir Vilde

Digital Innovation and Policy

  • Lead: Michael Barrett
  • Reseacher: Edwin Lee

Digital Business Models

  • Lead: Mohamed Zaki
  • Researcher: Erika Parn

Planning, Social Science and Built Environment

  • Lead: Gemma Burgess
  • Researcher: Richmond Juvenile Ehwi

Data Driven Asset Management

Complimenting the above research themes are the following projects:

Research Projects