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Centre for Digital Built Britain completed its five-year mission and closed its doors at the end of September 2022

This website remains as a legacy of the achievements of our five-year foundational journey towards a digital built Britain

The growth in the use of digital technologies, and the increasing sophistication and connectivity of cyber-physical systems working in real-time to influence outcomes, is having a transformative effect on all of the sectors involved in the planning, design, manufacture, construction, operation and management of built assets and environments. 

As a consequence of the move towards greater digitisation and higher levels of integration between sectors, there is a need to address inherent vulnerabilities and take appropriate and proportionate measures to protect: 

  • built assets and environments; 
  • personnel and other occupants or users of built assets, including the built environment’s citizens, encompassing residents, business, visitors and commuters; 
  • data and information, including that which is commercially sensitive or constitutes intellectual property; and 
  • societal, environmental and/or commercial services. 

The security-minded approach 

“Security-minded" is defined as understanding and routinely applying appropriate and proportional security measures in any business situation to deter and/or disrupt hostile, malicious, fraudulent and criminal behaviours or activities. It is a holistic approach, taking into consideration personnel, physical, cyber and cross-cutting security, overseen by good governance with clear lines of responsibility and accountability.  

The successful implementation of a security-minded approach relies on organisations recognising the potential issues and working with their supply chains in order to protect and limit access to the detail of, and information about, sensitive assets. 

Looking to the future 

Moving forward, it is essential that developments are underpinned by managed and integrated information that is trusted and secure to an appropriate level. Solutions must be capable of meeting the needs of all sectors and act as "enablers" within the digital engineering process, rather than being perceived, or used, as "blockers" of adoption and/or innovation.  

With the acceleration in the use of, and dependence on, information and communication technologies, the risks around data and information collection and acquisition, processing and storage will increase significantly. Platforms, encompassing devices and supporting software will need to be secure by default in order that full functionality is available without compromising security. 

ISO 19650-5:2020

This international standard sets out requirements for the security-minded management of sensitive information within building information modelling (BIM).

Further information 

Further information on the security-minded approach is available at: