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Centre for Digital Built Britain


This project will gather evidence from successful, and unsuccessful, use cases, seeking to measure outcomes and benefits and the value of such innovation, to provide an evidence based case to the sector to support greater uptake of digital innovation, and to understand challenges and failures. 

The research will address key components of the CIH proposal by focusing on learning across sectors, on international comparisons and learning, and on understanding the different contexts in which innovation is needed, and on the interests, motivations and requirements of the different stakeholders. 

The project is not focusing on the technology of the digital innovations, but on the new business models and contracts (e.g. outcome-based contracts) that will be needed, on the supply chain challenges, the financial implications of investment in innovation and the attitudes and interests of different stakeholders. The research seeks to understand and evidence the impacts of digital innovation in construction and to identify, understand and evidence value beyond productivity. 

Next Steps

The project runs through to 2022 and is closely aligned with the Project 'Analysing the social context to transforming construction through digital innovation'.

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