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Centre for Digital Built Britain


The CDBB has established the Digital Twin Hub (DT Hub), a collaborative web-enabled community for those who own, or who are developing, digital twins within the built environment.

The DT Hub gives members a safe space where they can learn from, and share with, others who are on the same journey. Members are able to participate in events that will not only develop their own capabilities, but also advance the state of the art in digital twins. 

The DT Hub is steered by a group of experts from the academia, government and industry and it is chaired by Sam Chorlton.

The DT Hub is now live - please visit it here: 


  1. Bringing together the digital twin community - Samuel Chorlton - February 2020
  2. Setting up the DT Hub - David Cuckow - October 2019
  3. The vision for a National Digital Twin - Sarah Hayes - September 2019
  4. Driving towards a National Digital Twin applied approach - Samuel Chorlton - August 2019
  5. Infrastructure Digital Twin - Samuel Chorlton, July 2019
  6. Samuel Chorlton, Chair of the DT Hub - sets out some of the challenges and opportunities

The key objectives of the DT Hub are:

To provide a focus for learning and sharing experiences on digital twins
To drive innovation, develop expertise and advance the “state of the art” for digital twins in the built environment 
To identify good practice, develop guidance and (potentially) produce standards on data sharing and digital twins​ 
To showcase the benefits of digital twins; creating use cases and case studies that will provide evidence for developing business cases​
To create a support network for seeking partners and finding support in addressing challenges​
To provide a register of work on digital twins within the built environment; showing who is doing what where; identifying the leading digital twins, pilots and demonstrators​
To identify gaps that need to be addressed in moving towards a National Digital Twin and to define the additional work/pilots that will address them
To promote the adoption of the Information Management Framework and to create the basis of the National Digital Twin

More information, including a number of Digital Twin projects currently running across the UK, will soon be updated here.

If you are interested in joining the DT Hub and becoming part of the community, please do contact us and subscribe to keep in touch.

The Gemini Principles, published by the CDBB, set out the proposed principles to guide the development of the National Digital Twin and the Information Management Framework that will enable it. The CDBB has also published the Roadmap, which outlines the plan for its delivery.


To register your interest in the DT Hub, please connect with us at

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