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Centre for Digital Built Britain


Our Challenge

Digital twins are realistic digital representations of physical assets, for example a digital representation of an aeroplane that can be used to monitor and predict performance, feeding out insights and interventions. These insights lead to better interventions and unlock real-world value from assets through financial savings, improved performance and services, and better outcomes for society. Digital twin technology already exists and is increasingly being introduced across industry, however there is an opportunity to gain more valuable insights about the entire built environment as an interconnected system if digital twins are developed to be interoperable, secure and connected. The introduction of a National Digital Twin, that connects the digital twins together, will enable us to use collective innovation to progress society, the economy and the environment for the public good.

Our Solution

CDBB’s research programme is developing exciting prototypes of multi-asset digital twins, based on the Gemini Principles, and working to extend the capability of existing tools to larger scales and complex systems, from university campuses to cities.

Key Researchers in this Theme