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Centre for Digital Built Britain completed its five-year mission and closed its doors at the end of September 2022

This website remains as a legacy of the achievements of our five-year foundational journey towards a digital built Britain

CDBB Summer Showcase - Andy Neely
Welcome, Introduction and 'What is a Digital Built Britain'


CDBB Summer Showcase, 30 July 2018, St. Catharine's College - a highlights film (2m)



CDBB Summer Showcase - Mini-Project Short Presentations

Machine Learning and AI in the Built Environment

presented by Thies Lindenthal


Urban Planning and BIM 

presented by Franziska Sielker


BIM in the UK house building industry: opportunities and barriers to adoption 

presented by Gemma Burgess


Creating Spaces that Understand People Employing Sensor Technologies to Inform the Design and Operation of Human-Centred Spaces 

presented by Ben Lucas


Future Cities and BIM 

presented by Franziska Sielker


Crowdsourcing data in mining spatial urban activities: the case of multidimensional analysis of Urban Segregation in Cambridge and Ningbo 

presented by Haifeng Nui


IOT Network Behaviours and Dependencies 

presented by Qi Li


Building Impulse: A novel digital toolkit for productive, healthy and resource efficient buildings 

presented by Alessandra Luna Navarro 



The Edge, Amsterdam – Showcasing an exemplary IoT building 

presented by Kevin Flanagan



Exploiting traffic data to improve asset management and citizen quality of life 

presented by Jon Roozenbeek




CDBB Summer Showcase - Research Networks

D-COM: Digitisation of Requirements, Regulations and Compliance Checking Processes in the Built Environment 

Tom Beach, Cardiff University



Housing Digital Built Britain 

presented by Gemma Burgess, University of Cambridge



Vision Network: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for Digital Built Britain AR / VR 

presented by Manuel Davila Delgado UWE Bristol



Pedagogy and Upskilling 

presented by Jason Underwood University of Salford



Methodologies for Planning Complex Infrastructure under Uncertainty 

presented by Gordon Masterton, University of Edinburgh and Alan Turing Institute



Network FOuNTAIN: Network For ONTologies And Information maNagement in Digital Built Britain

presented by Peter Demian/Steven Yeomans Loughborough University.



CDBB Summer Showcase - Other Research/Presentations

CDBB Cambridge Digital Twin Case Study

presented by Q. Lu (Vivi)



Opportunities to learn from digital transformation challenges in other sectors. 

presented by Kirsten Lamb, CDBB



Closing Remarks

presented by Alexandra Bolton, CDBB