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Centre for Digital Built Britain


Details of all the working group CDBB is currently involved with.

We currently are involved with:

Digital Framework Task Group (DFTG)

Chair: Mark Enzer, Chief Technical Officer of Mott MacDonald. 

The DFTG was launched by HM Treasury in July 2018 to steer and guide the successful development and adoption of the “Information Management Framework for the Built Environment”. The framework will establish the building blocks to enable effective information management across the built environment and will pave the way for the development of the national digital twin. The DFTG is made up of senior leaders from industry, government and academia.

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Public Sector BIM Working Group - closed March 2019

Chair: Terry Stocks, CDBB

One of CDBB’s main tasks is to help BIM, as defined in the 1192 suite of British Standards, and effective information management become ‘business as usual’ within central government departments their supply chains and ultimately across the whole UK construction sector. It does this through its work with the Public Sector BIM Working Group, which brings together the delivery leads of the central government departments to share good practice and ensure a consistency.

This group ran until March 2019, when was closed and became superseded by the Smarter Infrastructure Working Group.

Home Nations Working Group

Chair: Nicola Pearson, CDBB

Ensuring that the benefits of effective information management are shared across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is the remit of the Home Nations Working Group (HNWG). Formed in 2018, it brings together the four UK national BIM programmes to develop a consistent approach and to promote our vision of a digital built Britain.