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Alexandra Luck is a Chartered Engineer and a Member of the Register of Security Engineers and Specialists. In addition to her work in relation to security-minded approaches, she works in the fields of built environment and infrastructure asset management, risk management and safety. She has extensive experience of the development, implementation, management and auditing of proportionate and structured management systems, policies and processes within each of these disciplines, and also undertakes forensic investigation and analysis of incidents, regularly acting as an expert witness. She was the lead technical author of PAS 1192-5 and PAS 185 and has co-authored a number of supporting articles, documentation and guidance material. She has provided advice on the implementation of security-minded approaches to digital engineering within a number of projects across the CNI sectors, including both buildings and infrastructure.

Alexandra is responsible for project managing the security workstream of the Digital Built Britain programme, including ongoing work to support the implementation of Level 2 Building Information Modelling (BIM), the convergence work around BIM, smart cities and Internet of Things, and the development of Level 3.

 Alexandra  Luck

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