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Centre for Digital Built Britain


Our Challenge

When planning a complex project like a high speed rail network or a public housing development, computer models can balance the differing needs of local communities, small business owners, the natural environment and other stakeholders, giving human designers and engineers better insights about the possible outcomes of their decisions. A digital built Britain will enable humans, assisted by artificial intelligence (AI), to make smarter decisions about complex systems or circumstances. While this technology already exists across a range of sectors including automotive, finance and healthcare, the scale and complexity of decisions in the built environment – and the volume and variety of data – means more research and development is needed. CDBB envisions a future where we leverage data about assets and services for the public good, improving the performance, lifespan and sustainability of infrastructure to contribute to human flourishing.

Our Solution

CDBB collaborates with organisations such as the Alan Turing Institute, the Open Data Institute and industry leaders to research, develop and demonstrate the value of advancements in the fields of data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Key Researchers in this Theme

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