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Centre for Digital Built Britain


Our Challenge

Running behind the scenes of digital assets would be vital and huge infrastructure comparable to the power grid and sewers that connect and serve the built environment. This digital infrastructure would securely deliver data to the right place at the precise right time, and be designed to ensure the safety and performance of built assets such as bridges, trains and lifts by performing automatic checks and risk assessments. Digital infrastructure will bring together data from diverse sources to create new and valuable collective insights. However, to make this possible the digital infrastructure requires standardization and buy-in. CDBB envisions an Information Management Framework that facilitates interoperability across data sources, fosters a culture of purposeful information management and ensures the security of critical assets.

Our Solution

Along with collaborators at the Construction Innovation Hub and at other UK institutions, CDBB is developing the evidence base for standards for information management, exploring the issues around interoperability, security and whole life management of a wide variety of physical and digital assets (e.g. buildings and the files that make up digital models of those buildings).

Key Researchers in this Theme

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