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Following on from the success of the opening workshop for the Pedagogy and Upskilling Research Network there will be a follow-up workshop to contribute to the next phase of the research. We are seeking wider participation to define the future research agenda for pedagogy and upskilling that contributes to the work of the CDBB by exploring and addressing the research questions around how we create and support a digitally enabled, agile, effective and ultimately productive workforce.

Initial outcomes from the scoping workshop have suggested that:

  • The general public still see “Construction” as a male dominated manual-labour career and do not recognise either the wide range of professions and career opportunities available (from inception, design, construction, operation and use), nor the impact these professions have both on the built environment and the everyday life of citizens.  What can we do to change this; to encourage both greater diversity and the aptitudes required to solve the grand challenges we face? Should we be promoting “Built Environment” as the collective for our industry rather than “Construction”? (after all “Construction” is only one phase of a Built Environment asset)?
  • Successful projects are characterised by the right people making the right decisions at the right time with the right information.  The focus to date has been on the “right information” and not enough has been done on addressing the “right people”.  To address this question of “the right people” the industry needs to develop a new approach to competence; a key finding of “Building a Safer Future” by Dame Judith Hackett. Should we collectively agree what is meant by competence, competent and competency for any activity within the Built Environment? If we did, we would have the ability to:
    • articulate the requirements of any activity within the Built Environment so they can be measured
    • individuals, companies and clients would have a clear framework within which to demonstrate suitability against requirements
    • individuals, companies and clients would have a clear pathway to plan any required upskilling activities resulting from a gap between required competence and current competence.
  • The focus on the “Right Information” has manifested itself as a focus on “BIM level 2”, which in turn, was derived from the AVANTI programme.  The level of rigour in measuring the impact of Better Information Management evident in the first AVANTI programme is currently missing from the industry and as a result there is both varying degrees of scepticism and genuine confusion as to what works, what does not work, and what is the best way to start the journey for those yet to take the first steps on the digital transformation journey.  How do we both create a culture of learning within the industry and provide a framework to allow for transparency, rigour and repeatability when it comes to metrics and KPI’s? Do we need an AVANTI 2?

The CDBB Upskilling and Pedagogy Network have used these questions from the scoping workshop as a starting point for a review of literature that is currently being undertaken.  These are not meant to be exhaustive and we welcome the opportunity to widen discussion and debate to ensure we have wider points of view to inform and shape the outcomes of the research.  We wish to feedback the preliminary results for this review phase and host further discussion and debate at our 5th November workshop.

We have a small fund to reimburse reasonable travel expenses (although please use advanced tickets where possible to allow the budget to stretch as far as possible).

A final workshop will subsequently be held on 26th November, where the focus will be on shaping the outcomes of the forthcoming workshop into a transitional built environment, engineering and architectural education and upskilling roadmap.

For catering purposes, please may we ask you to confirm your attendance via the following Eventbrite link by 23rd October

We look forward to seeing you on the 5th November in London and 26th (venue to be confirmed).

Monday, 5 November, 2018 - 09:30 to 16:30
Contact name: 
Jason Underwood
Event location: 
University of Liverpool - London Campus