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Delivery Platforms for Government Assets - 2017

last modified Nov 02, 2017 11:50 AM
Delivery Platforms for Government Assets - Creating a Marketplace for Manufactured Spaces

In July 2017 Digital Built Britain issued the following report, which set out a strategy for implementing the following vision:

"Government will use the scale of its construction portfolio to help transform the market for creating high performing assets which improve the service for users, citizens and society and build a highly skilled and productive workforce.

It will improve the performance of assets towards international benchmarks, delivering enhanced quality, lower carbon and increased whole life value.

It will develop advanced manufacturing capability, products and services in the UK that could be exported globally."

Delivery Platforms for Government Assetsx300It sets out the strategic adoption of DfMA in a coordinated and consistent way across the Government estate, by setting out:

  • The benefits of DfMA
  • The briefing and design process that would facilitate the adoption of standardised solutions;
  • the characteristics that a standardised set of components (or platforms) would need to possess;
  • the methodology for assembly of assets that would maximise the benefits on an industrialised approach.

Welcome to the Centre for Digital Built Britain.  

The Centre for Digital Built Britain is a partnership between the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and the University of Cambridge to deliver a smart digital economy for infrastructure and construction for the future and transform the UK construction industry’s approach to the way we plan, build, maintain and use our social and economic infrastructure.