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Centre for Digital Built Britain

Report: Challenges of Digitalisation in the Aerospace and Aviation Sectors

Lamb, K. (2018). Challenges of Digitalisation in the Aerospace and Aviation Sectors

This report describes digital transformation in aerospace and aviation, and identifies some challenges that are likely to have parallels with the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sector. It begins with a discussion of drivers and innovation in these sectors, focusing on digital twin technology and Internet-of-Things (IoT). Several challenges have been identified that may provide some forewarning to the AEC sector as it moves into digital operation and integration. Data challenges, such as interoperability in systems-of-systems, pose the biggest technical challenge to both sectors, followed by the security of those systems, where the risks posed by a breach are severe. The human factors discussed in the previous report are now separated into human factors in enterprises such as recruitment and change management, and social outcomes such as customer engagement. Finally, the role of regulation in digitalisation and the investment challenges facing these sectors are considered. The report concludes with an overview of the literature, including a bibliometric review.