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Centre for Digital Built Britain

Digital tools in the creation and through-life management of built assets

Cambridge Architectural Research,. (2018). Digital Tools in the Creation and Through-Life Management of Built Assets. (CDBB_REP_22)

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The past 20 years have witnessed a transformation in digital technologies that touches every part of life in Great Britain. We now take completely for granted the ability to take digital photographs, access precise locations using satellite technologies, and access a world of information from the Internet – all from a device small enough to carry in our pocket.

Of course, these technologies affect the ways we create and manage the built environment. They will continue to evolve and continue to change how those working on buildings and infrastructure carry out their work.

This Report is the Final Report of a study carried out within the Centre for Digital Built Britain’s research programme “Defining the Research Agenda and Research Landscape for Digital Built Britain”. One of 9 parallel studies within the programme, this study was a response to “Tender 7: The creation and through-life management of built assets and infrastructure”.

The study was carried out by Cambridge Architectural Research Ltd between 1st October and 20th December2018. Its authors are Dr Robin Spence, Dr Eleanor Voss, Hannah Baker, Aurelia Hibbert.

Dr Jason Palmer, Dr William Fawcett and Tyrone Bowen, all from CAR Ltd, and Bengt Cousins-Jenvey from Expedition Engineering were advisors to the project.

The CAR team was supported in CDBB by Dr Charles Boulton and Julie Sigles.
The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the report belong solely to Cambridge

Architectural Research Ltd and its consultants and not to CDBB.