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Centre for Digital Built Britain


The Construction Innovation Hub's Digital Impact Director, David Philp, was recently interviewed on the BeyondBIM podcast series, where he discusses the evolution of BIM and policy.

The BeyondBIM podcast series focuses on the seven emerging digital dimensions which transform the way we previously adopted Building Information Modelling (BIM). It is hosted by Erika Pärn, who also works as a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge and on a CDBB funded project that investigates digital business models.

In the interview Erika asks Dave the following questions:

  • Where are we with the current state of BIM (building information modelling) in the UK and what has the journey to this state been like since the inception of the BIM Task Group?
  • What are the lessons going forward with policy surrounding BIM, and what will the new ISO standard help achieve?
  • How likely are we to succeed with a transition from BIM to Digital Twin in construction, do you envisage it may suffer similar challenges as BIM adoption has in the past?
  • Modern methods of construction, offsite manufacturing, digital twins, and AI are all exciting technologies that push the conversations beyond BIM, which technologies or innovations do you most look forward to or take an interest in?
  • What advice would you give to them especially when trying to create impactful change in the built environment.

Listen to the podcast inteview here:

The podcast is also available on Spotify and SoundCloud