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Centre for Digital Built Britain

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Welcome to our Autumn newsletter. We are pleased to bring you an update of the activities from across CDBB, the National Digital Twin Programme, our Construction Innovation Hub work, our research teams, and the International Programme. It is always great to see such far reaching impact of the work of the centre in all its guises as we continue to work towards a digital transformation of the construction and infrastructure sectors.

Of particular note for me have been two key events which were extremely successful in building consensus for the value and impact of a digital approach. One is the Value of Information Management Roundtable event, which reflected on the recent report on this topic, which was undertaken by KPMG and Aktins on behalf of CDBB as a partner in the Construction Innovation Hub. I encourage you to watch the video of this event - which delves into the report - as well as the great infographic which pulls out some of the key findings. The other event was held more recently, and was the Cyber Physical Fabric Summit - which I was delighted to contribute to. The event was organised through the Royal Academy of Engineering, hosted on the Digital Twin Hub, and supported by CDBB, Robotics Growth Partnership, BEIS, UKRI, Go Science and Alan Turing Institute. All involved felt it to be a pivotal moment for the vision for a new cyber-physical infrastructure at a national scale, weaving together the powerful possibilities of connected digital twins and next-generation innovation architecture, so I am pleased to offer those who missed it the opportunity to watch the recording or read the summary included in this edition.

This edition also highlights the recently launched training suite from the international programme, which supports the global implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM). The new training content includes an entire new course focused on BIM implementation within an organisation. The international team have also been working closely with the Global BIM Network, and their recent call for knowledge, which aims to grow global public sector capacity as they gather information from across the world in order to build a credible, legitimate knowledge base that is free and open to all. 

In addition you will see we have been contributing to the ongoing development of the UK BIM Framework, with the recently updated resources page where you can find links to ISO 19650 example resources, templates, related guidance, videos and external links. Included on this page is a helpful helpful infographic breaks down a security-minded approach to Information Management into easy to understand elements. 

There is too much in this edition to touch on everything here, but I hope you will agree that there is plenty to get excited about, and hopefully something for everyone! We encourage you to please do share with colleagues, and get in touch if you have any feedback or would like to get involved.  

Mark Enzer, Director of CDBB

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