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Centre for Digital Built Britain

Turner Harriss, 'Future Capabilities Report: The Creation and Through-Life Management of Built Assets and Infrastructure' (CDBB_REP_22)

Report Foreward:

The concept of a truly integrated lifecycle for digital asset care is not new. There are numerous case studies across the automotive and aerospace industries where complex asset data is used confidently to drive predictive maintenance regimes and high levels of automation in operations management and inventory procurement. For our built assets, the challenge is still to be overcome. The timelines associated with long-life infrastructure assets set it apart from the rapid turnover and production-line approaches of the auto and aero sectors, with complexity present in the area of legacy data management and configuration control.

From a technological perspective, we will need significant advancements in areas such as integration between BIM, GIS and Asset Management systems from an IT architecture perspective, and a common class library, or data dictionary to allow these systems to effectively talk together.

We will need greatly improved capabilities in the areas of global information collaboration platforms, IP rights management, configuration control and data assurance, as well as the systems to digitise and categorise our legacy assets cost effectively. Above all of this, we will require a shift in cultures of the constructor and operator entities, to move away from a ‘consumer’ mindset, to one of an ‘exploiter’. To actively use the high-fidelity information at their disposal to reduce costs, increase automation, reduce human hazards and improve predictability of outcome.