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Centre for Digital Built Britain completed its five-year mission and closed its doors at the end of September 2022

This website remains as a legacy of the achievements of our five-year foundational journey towards a digital built Britain

The finance industry has long been at the forefront of using data and technology to make better decisions, to de-risk and improve return on investments, and to create better outcomes. Tackling the big challenges of our day—such as climate change, energy, and healthcare—relies on having the right technologies and data to make the right interventions.

As key investors, the finance community has an opportunity to realise the benefits of digital twins by using them to add value, track sustainability targets, attract new investments, and manage risk better.

The key to unlocking this potential is to apply the fundamentals of the information value chain.  By collaborating with the wider industry to develop practical use cases, the finance community can help use the insights derived from data to solve their most pressing problems.

Our White Paper, authored in partnership with Bentley Systems, sets out the detail.  Read on to find out more.