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There is enough bad news at the moment so it makes a pleasant change to be able to share some good news.We are pleased to announce that Matthew West, Technical Lead for the National Digital Twin programme (NDTp) has been awarded an OBE in the New Year’s Honours list for Services to information management in business.  Matthew said, “It was a pleasant surprise when I learnt that I would be awarded an OBE in the 2021 New Year's Honours List.

"The award relates to my work for the NDTp on behalf of the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) It is good to see recognition of the work done, in reality, by many. Of course this is only possible because of the support of family and collaboration of clients and the experience gained from a career at Shell and in standards development.

"About five years ago, when a government initiative started to develop a National Digital Twin, I was asked by CPNI to advise and work on its development, and I am currently the Technical Lead for the NDTp.

“In recent years, government has become increasingly aware of the importance of good quality information, for example, in responding to disasters, like Grenfell Tower, or indeed preventing them from occuring in the first place, and the NDTp is working towards that with a focus on national infrastructure. This is an enormous task, and needs to be broken down into small doable pieces that build towards the eventual aim which will likely take decades to achieve. We have an excellent team working on the programme and it is of course the work of all the team that is being recognised.”

Dr West has spent his career solving the problem of different data sets across different operating systems not working together. He has worked at Shell and in 2008, Matthew set up his own company Information Junction. In 2016 he was called up to work for CPNI by the Government. Matthew West OBE currently supports CDBB's National Digital Twin programme and the Construction Innovation Hub as a Technical Lead.