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Find out about what happened at CDBB Week in the October 2019 Newsletter.

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October 2019 Newsletter Introduction:

This month we are reflecting on the events of our inaugural CDBB Week. It was fantastic to see such engagement with our community, both at our in-person events and the flurry of activity on social media. It highlighted to me the vast interest that exists in enabling a joined-up approach to the digital transformation of the built environment. The series of CDBB Week events was designed to bring together people involved in the Centre's academic, industry and public sector networks and to enable conversations to take place that help us all move forward enabling a digital built Britain that is fit for the future. The CDBB Week summary video gives a taste of the week. It was especially good to see the interaction online as well as selling out all of our events during the week. A big thank you from me personally to all involved in bringing the week's events together, including the Institution of Civil Engineers for hosting National Digital Twin Day, our colleagues at the Construction Innovation Hub for supporting the week's activities and hosting Transforming Construction Challenge Day, and the staff at CDBB for their hard work and enthusiasm throughout. I am proud of the strong community we have built over the past couple of years and at how they have supported CDBB and the digital built Britain programme.   

We hope you enjoy this special issue of the newsletter, which focuses on the outputs so far from the week. There will be more to come, but I think you will agree that there is plenty to keep you going! Lastly, if you took part in CDBB Week, either in person or via our digital output we would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to complete our feedback survey. We will continue to look to ways to improve CDBB Week for next year, so it will be great to hear what you liked and would like to see next time.
Over the past few days the Construction Innovation Hub has been sponsoring UK Construction Week and next week will sponsor Digital Construction Week. CDBB staff and researchers and our colleagues at BRE and MTC are represented at both major events, giving presentations, taking part in debates and workshops, and taking visitors to our stand through an overview of the Hub programme via our ‘virtual demonstrator’ app. If you missed out on CDBB Week, please join us in London next week and talk to us about how we can all work together to change the way buildings and infrastructure are designed, manufactured, integrated and connected within the UK’s built environment. 

Best wishes,

Andy Neely