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Centre for Digital Built Britain completed its five-year mission and closed its doors at the end of September 2022

This website remains as a legacy of the achievements of our five-year foundational journey towards a digital built Britain

The two survey papers; ‘A survey of Top-Level Ontologies’ and ‘A Survey of Industry Data Models and Reference Data Libraries’, form the foundation for the work described in ‘The Pathway towards and Information Management Framework’ (IMF). The survey papers identify the requirements and inform the ontological choices for a Foundation Data Model (FDM). The FDM, built upon a top-level ontology, is a key component of the IMF and a basis for ensuring consistent data across the National Digital Twin.

The survey papers are the first outputs from the FDM Seed project, funded by the Construction Innovation Hub (CIH). They will inform the development of an FDM which will be tested on CIH's Platform and is the starting point - a "seed" - for the National Digital Twin. The publication of these surveys is a big step forward towards building a framework that enables effective information management across the built environment.

Following the publication of the Survey documents the pragmatic and technical requirements for the Foundation Data Model have now been developed and consideration has been given as to whether any existing Top-Level Ontologies could be used as a suitable start-point.

The Approach to Develop a Foundation Data Model for the Information Management Framework takes you through these requirements, the assessment of the surveyed Top-level Ontologies to the final decision.

There are four Top-Level Ontologies that meet all the technical requirements: BORO, IDEAS, HQDM and ISO 15926-2. They are distinct from the other Top-Level Ontologies in being 4-dimensionalist. These allow us to see individual objects as four-dimensional, having both spatial and temporal parts.

Top-level Ontologies Survey:
Lead Authors:
Chris Partridge, Andrew Mitchell
Authors: Al Cook, David Leal, Jan Sullivan, Matthew West

Industry Data Models Survey:
Lead Author:
David Leal
Authors: Al Cook, Chris Partridge, Jan Sullivan, Matthew West

The Approach to Develop a Foundation Data Model for the Information Management Framework:
Lead Author:
Matthew West