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Centre for Digital Built Britain


This review of CDBB funded literature revealed a wide array of tools - meaning digital technologies, processes and frameworks - at various stages of maturity, many of which could be transformative if they were widely adopted. However, there are barriers to this adoption in the level of readiness of many of the tools, as well as the readiness of the industry to take them on. This project categorises maturity on a spectrum from green to red, revealing where these tools need further development, versus where their adoption is blocked by structural barriers.

Several research priorities emerged as common across multiple projects, or as enablers for the adoption of current research, including the design of user interfaces for these digital tools; scaling up of what is being done already to larger areas, more heterogenous data or to more complex areas; exploring barriers to and drivers of adoption; and improving functionality of the tools themselves. Most of the tools reviewed here would benefit from some iteration, development or further research.

But research and development alone do not guarantee adoption by industry of these tools. The remedies to structural barriers need to be put in place in order to create an adoption pipeline. These include enablers such as management buy-in, case studies, skills development and creating roles within organisations that help facilitate individual ICT literacy journeys. The research priorities and recommendations are summarised here and at the end of this review.