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Centre for Digital Built Britain


Welcome to our Spring newsletter. Since our last newsletter we have had a new period of lockdown to contend with, which has presented challenges for all once again. However, it has been amazing to see the wealth of work with the Centre's programmes continue apace. You will see from this edition of the newsletter that it has been a very busy three months with a vast amount of industry relevant outputs being produced and insightful research progressing to start delivering impact for society as a whole.  

In particular, for this edition, I would draw your attention to our Global BIM Summit which is currently underway with its pre-event series, culminating next week with the Summit itself - a truly global event, attracting over 80 countries to attend, to hear from public sector and multi-lateral representatives leading BIM initiatives across the world to discuss global convergence and collaboration.  The event will also launch the Global BIM Network that will continue to galvanise developments in this important area for years to come.

A little closer to home, I can recommend the Cambridge Festival taking place from 26 March to 4 April showcasing research from across the University of Cambridge. As part of the festival we are inviting you and your children to join us to explore what the future might be for UK's buildings, infrastructure, places and spaces. You can find out more about the CDBB publication 'Four Futures, One Choice'which explores four future scenarios for what the construction sector of 2040 could look like, depending on the choices we make today. I am particularly looking forward to the interactive event for children, which will present an interactive e-book for children which will be launched at the start of the festival. The talk for adults will be a great way to find out more about the topic and CDBB’s wider vision for a digital built Britain.

I'm sure you will find something to capture your interest in this packed edition, and look forward to sharing with you the continuation of this progress in the next edition. In the meantime, please do get in touch if there are any areas you would like to get involved with.

Andy Neely

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