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Centre for Digital Built Britain


Welcome to our Summer newsletter. As I reflect on this last quarter I have been greatly encouraged to see that, despite the continuing challenges we are all facing, there has still continued to be a wealth of activity and progress being made in the programme. We are especially proud to have worked with over 75 industry leaders from the built environment in the development of 'Our Vision for the built environment' - which aims to describe the future we want so that we can make better decisions for the future. This is an inspirational vision, which we hope you will share with us, and help us to work towards. 

We have also produced some resources aimed at supporting and developing the skills and competencies needed in the future for careers in information management in support of progress towards a national digital twin. I hope you will also take some time to watch the 'Where it All Begins' campaign video, produced in association with our colleagues at the Construction Innovation Hub and Class of Your Own, which is aimed at encouraging younger generations into a career in the built environment. I would encourage you to share this with your networks and colleagues to help spread the word of the diverse and rewarding careers on offer. All of these campaigns are looking to the future of the built environment, its talent and its purpose - and I look forward to seeing how this work continues.

I am also delighted to hear of the news from our international programme of the recent US/UK collaboration to work together on the development of a national BIM program for the US, as this supports the international alignment on technical standards for the built environment. It will be rewarding to see how this develops and we look forward to hearing more from this great initiative. The launch of the Global BIM Network took place at the Global Summit in March was hugely successful, and is continuing to expand its reach. If you missed the Global BIM Summit then you will be pleased to know that you can read about the events and watch the webinars

You will see in this edition that we have been very busy this quarter with the production of several resources aimed at supporting the update of BIM and supporting development of digital twinning capabilities. We have published a suite of new tools to help local authorities to transform and put innovation at the heart of how they plan, procure build and operate their buildings and estates, a navigator which helps establish the set of principles for digital twins of built assets, and a BIM Training Landscape review. Please do let us know if you use any of these tools and let us know how they have worked for you.  

My introduction here is just a flavour of what we have to share with you in this edition, so I am sure there will be something of interest for all.  Please do share with colleagues, and get in touch if you have any feedback or would like to get involved.  

Mark Enzer, Director of CDBB

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