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Centre for Digital Built Britain


The vision for the Digital Built Britain Programme is to make better use of built assets, and provide better social outcomes to the challenges of urbanisation and an increasing population, improve the UK’s productivity and support growth. In 2017 the Centre for Digital Built Britain at the University of Cambridge was launched to deliver a programme to: 

  • advance the skills of a wide range of people so that they can confidently use technology to digitise their construction projects and manage the built assets 
  • help UK businesses and organisations of any size to seize opportunities offered by technology and increase their revenue in domestic and international markets 
  • develop and promote the standards, practices and policies that underpin strong, innovative construction and operations management sectors 
  • establish new models of delivery and collaboration that allow the UK to retain its position as a global leader 

The Digital Built Britain programme was funded by BEIS until September 2022, and the strategic objectives of the programme are included in the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. CDBB is a core partner in the in the Construction Innovation Hub along with BRE and the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC)which is funded by UK Research & Innovation to transform the UK construction industry. Working around the four core themes of Value, Manufacturing, Assurance and Digital, we are changing the way buildings and infrastructure are designed, manufactured, integrated and connected within our built environment. 

The Construction Playbook published in December 2020 is a critical game-changer in the sector’s transformative journey - a collective vision for what the future must look like. The Playbook underscores in clear terms the fundamental role that digital processes and technologies will play in ensuring a construction sector fit for the future. The Hub’s digital workstream has been working at pace to develop the practical guidance and tools needed to support Government and industry clients in adopting the UK BIM Framework. We are also supporting businesses to standardise their approach to generating, classifying, securing and exchanging data, allowing the adoption of a new Information Management Framework.

The aim of these work packages is to reflect on and update the vision set at the launch of the Digital Built Britain programme in 2017 and to share the achievements since then and the opportunities and challenges yet to come.

If you would like to submit a bid for this tender please click here to find more details and to apply, and note the following deadlines:

  • Acknowledgement letter of intent to submit - noon 22 January 2021
  • Deadline for Tender return - noon 5 February 2021