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Centre for Digital Built Britain completed its five-year mission and closed its doors at the end of September 2022

This website remains as a legacy of the achievements of our five-year foundational journey towards a digital built Britain

I'm the Director of Infrastructure Investment at the University of Cambridge and Head of the Adaptive Cities Programme in the Computer Laboratory.

In addition to leading the team within the Computer Laboratory working on the digital aspects of Future Cities, my role is significantly outward looking, i.e. engaging with our partners in the region to try and ensure that the significant regional housing, transportation and commercial development taking place supports our aspirations for continued success. Simply put we need housing suitable for the kinds of people we employ, need to minimise congestion in the region and within the City of Cambridge, provide efficient transportation routes for the journeys important to our activities (such as from the Biomedical Campus in South Cambridge to related disciplines to the North), and provide infrastructure that supports the world-class collaboration that is so important to our success. A particular thread of significant effort (perhaps biased by my career background) is to push the region forward in terms of digital capabilities including a "Smart Programme" for the transportation infrastructure, enhanced communications both fixed and mobile (such as better broadband, public wifi), and the deployment of "research-grade" optical fibre in concert with the many transportation developments.

The Greater Cambridge region has been an economic success for UK plc over the past few decades with the University being the 'anchor tenant' in the region. A number of large companies with significant research interests have based their activities in the region with the justified expectation of benefiting from the 'network effect' of operating in a large pool of highly talented workers and associated laboratories and businesses. But the City of Cambridge is feeling the strain of this economic growth, and the future expansion of the 'ecosystem' will depend upon the successful expansion of this network much deeper into the region with benefits both for the region and the City.

Not least with the support of the UK Government, significant new housing and commercial developments are proceeding with considerable momentum throughout the Greater Cambridge region. For example, construction of the largest "New Town" to be built in the UK since Milton Keynes is shortly to begin North-West of Cambridge. The University, UK Government and the local authorities are keen to ensure that this new town (to be called Northstowe) does not become merely a residential dormitory for Cambridge or perhaps London, but has a vibrant local economy underpinned by the types of businesses that value being in the region and collaborating with the University and other local businesses. The University has an important role to play in advising and directly contributing to these developments.


West Cambridge Digital Twin

I manage the Adaptive Cities Programme, researching the digital aspects of Future Cities. 

Head of Adaptive Cities Programme

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