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Centre for Digital Built Britain


Research background

I am a geophysicist with experience in monitoring natural hazards (earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides) with remote sensing techniques (GPS, InSAR). I currently work on applying InSAR techniques to monitor structural health of bridges, tunnels and other infrastructure.

CDBB projects involved with

Application of Satelitte Technology in Infrastructure Monitoring

Research ambitions for CDBB

I hope to collaborate with CDBB engineers and learn more about infrastructure monitoring. I think it is important to combine in-situ measurements with remote-sensing and understand the full scale of issues that large structures might suffer from. While local temperature and strain measurements can help us understand local instabilities, using a range of remote sensing techniques over a long period of time we can learn more about seasonal effects and long-term and large-scale deformations that might occur on these structures.

Research Associate

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