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Centre for Digital Built Britain


Open ML Training Data For Visual Tagging Of Construction-specific Objects (ConTag)

ConTag will generate an open dataset for visual machine learning (ML) specific to the construction industry.

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Co-Creating a City-Scale Digital Strategy and Framework: A Systems and Co-production Approach

This pilot study is investigating how collaboration between public authorities, private business and other city stakeholders could enhance the benefits of ‘smart’ digitally enabled infrastructure and other built assets for the benefit of urban populations.

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Integrated Management of Margins through Evaluation, Design, Analysis, Tracking and Negotiation

IMMEDIATE Project: Integrated Management of Margins through Evaluation, DesIgn, Analysis, Tracking and nEgotiation

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Analysing Systems Interdependencies using a Digital Twin

This project investigates how to understand infrastructure complexity, using the digital twin.

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Recommendations for automated checking of regulations and requirements management in healthcare design

This research aims to propose recommendations for the adoption of automated checking of regulatory compliance in the design of healthcare facilities. These are developed within a broader context of healthcare design requirements management and modelling.

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