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Centre for Digital Built Britain

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Digital Twin Journeys: Complex events and smart solutions

24 January 2022

Sensor technology has come a long way over the last 30 years, from the world’s first, bulky webcam at the University of Cambridge Computer Science Department to near ubiquitous networks of sleek sensors that can provide data at an unprecedented volume, velocity and quality. Today, sensors can even talk to each other to...

Digital Twins Journeys: a new infographic on ecosystems of services enabled by connected digital twins

17 January 2022

By 2050, an estimated 4.1 million people will be affected by sight loss in the UK, making up a portion of the 14.1 smarthospital_panels_v4-page-001.jpg million disabled people in the UK. How might digital twins create opportunities for better accessibility and navigability of the built environment for blind and partially...

Digital Twin Journeys: creating value from high-volume built environment data

10 January 2022

Digital twins are not just a useful resource for understanding the sakthy.jpg here-and-now of built assets. If an asset changes condition or position over its lifecycle, historical data from remote sensors can make this change visible to asset managers through a digital twin. However, this means retaining and managing a...

Digital Twin Journeys: Digital Twins for Asset Managers

20 December 2021

nwkcover.png Our latest output from the Digital Twin Journeys series is a webcomic by David Sheppard. 'Now We Know' tells the story of a fictional building manager, Hank, who isn't sure how a building digital twin can help him in his work when the existing building management system tells him what he thinks he needs to...

Winter News Update 2021

15 December 2021

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! winter_newsletter.jpg Welcome to our winter news update . It has been a busy year for CDBB and for this end of year update we focus on two recent high-profile events where we showcased much of our recent work, Digital Construction Week and the first Global BIM Network...


Welcome to the Centre for Digital Built Britain.  

The Centre for Digital Built Britain is a partnership between the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and the University of Cambridge to understand how the construction and infrastructure sectors could use a digital approach to better design, build, operate, and integrate the built environment. Find out more