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Centre for Digital Built Britain


Chara joined the CDBB team in June 2018 as a research assistant. As part of her role at CDBB, Chara is supporting the work of the Digital Framework Task Group (DFTG) that was formed as a response to the report Data for the Public Good, published by the National Infrastructure Commission. The DFTG’s role is to coordinate the public and private sector towards the creation and adoption of a Digital Framework that will set out the standards for sharing and collating data on the UK’s infrastructure network in a systematic but also safe way. This will be the first step towards developing UK’s infrastructure ‘digital twin’. Her research interests lie in operations management with a focus on safety. Background Chara joined the Cambridge Service Alliance team in October 2014 as a doctoral student under the supervision of Professor Andy Neely. The objective of her PhD was to investigate the complexities faced by organisations operating in service networks. The research was conducted in partnership with BAE Systems and was sponsored by EPSRC and led to the development of the CAGE framework, a unique tool that can be used by servitized manufacturers and support them in the challenging path towards the services of the future. Chara holds a BSc in Management Science and Technology from the Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece and an MPhil with Distinction in Industrial Systems, Manufacturing and Management from the University of Cambridge. Prior coming to Cambridge, Chara has worked in operations (mainly Demand Planning) for General Mills, Cadbury and Kraft. LinkedIn: Chara Makri Twitter: @MakriChara

Research Assistant
Delivery Manager, National Digital Twin Programme
 Chara  Makri
Not available for consultancy