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Thayla Zomer


The determinants of digital transformation

Rapid advances in digital technologies are redefining industries and sectors on a global scale. However, recent studies looking at the state of digitalisation in different sectors have found a significant gap between sectors and industries. Although the research on the digital transformation from an intra-organisational perspective has evolved, it is still not completely clear why digital transformation is so challenging and why it is moving faster in firms in certain industries than in others.

Research Objectives

This research project aims to investigate what are the determinants of digital transformation from a multi-level perspective. While there have been relevant contributions in this domain, research so far has adopted specific lenses of analysis, such as the firm, instead of considering multiple levels of analysis for a more holistic account of the phenomenon.


A holistic multi-level framework will be developed in this study. By identifying the multi-level factors that simultaneously influence in the digital transformation of firms, it will be possible to inform practitioners about the actions and mechanisms that may accelerate the transformation process, considering the particularities of the environment and industry landscape. Moreover, this study will contribute to the literature on digital transformation by demonstrating the role of interactions among different factors/constructs under industry, institutional environment and intra-firm perspectives that may be relevant in determining the pace of digital transformation in companies from different sectors.

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