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Centre for Digital Built Britain


Our Challenge

To support a flourishing society, economy and natural environment, substantial changes must occur across our cities and infrastructure in order to enable them to be more energy and material efficient, to be more durable and be resilient in the face of climate change. In order to achieve this, we need to explore new ways of collecting and interpreting data to better understand where improvements can be made.

Our Solution

CDBB’s research programme explores the tools and processes by which we can monitor and measure the built environment and how we use it.


Projects within this theme

Projects in this theme Lead researcher
Precision Engineered Timber - Digital design and delivery of healthier schools Dr Michael Ramage
Procurement strategies for incentivising collaborative delivery to optimise whole-life outcomes Prof Campbell Middleton
Application of satellite technology in infrastructure monitoring (Digital Engineering) Prof Campbell Middleton
Staffordshire Bridges - Long Term Performance Monitoring using Fibre-Optic Sensors Prof Campbell Middleton
Digital Modelling of the Evolution of the Built Form in Britain Dr Ying Jin
Energy Planning for Resilient Decarbonization Dr Ruchi Choudhary
The Edge: a case study and template for BIM 2 Dr Michael Ramage

Case Study: Platform approach to design for manufacture and assembly

Jaimie Johnston

Pedagogy and Upskilling Network

Prof Jason Underwood
The local governance of digital technology – implications for the cityscale digital twin Dr Timea Nochta
Designing Safe Complex Environments  Dr Thomas Stone
Urban Planning and BIM Prof Phil Allmendinger
Future Cities and BIM Dr Franziska Sielker
Machine Learning and AI in the Built Environment Dr Thies Lindenthal
Crowdsourcing Data in Mining Spatial Urban Activities  Dr Elisabete Silva
Visualising the Future: Big Data and the Built Environment  Prof Paul Linden
Adaptive Design of Supported Excavations Dr Giovanna Biscontin
Future Cities in the making – overcoming barriers to information modelling in socially responsible cities Dr Franziska Sielker

Co-Evolving Built Environments and Mobile Autonomy for Future Transport and Mobility

Dr Amanda Prorok
CAR: creation and through-life management of built assets and infrastructure   
UIL: integration and optimisation of services embedded in the built environment   
UIL: Making the digitally enabled services and supply chain