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Centre for Digital Built Britain


Our Challenge

We share and create more data than ever before, and businesses have already taken advantage, piecing together insights about our individual shopping habits, lifestyles and interests. But what if we could use data to create similar insights into buildings and infrastructure, and how we interact with them, so that they become the stage upon which our societies and families flourish? What if the built environment was designed to serve our best interests and the best interests of the generations that follow us? Realising CDBB’s vision of a future, in which infrastructure is a platform for human flourishing, will be a long journey, with many challenges along the way. But CDBB is focused on supporting the transformation of the industry to one that is resilient, efficient and creates a built environment that is better for everyone.

Our Solution

To secure a future where data is used to develop a built environment for the public good, CDBB hosts an interdisciplinary research programme across UK institutions that explores issues around society, policy, housing, the economy, nature, value and many other issues that touch the daily lives of people in a digital built Britain.