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Centre for Digital Built Britain completed its five-year mission and closed its doors at the end of September 2022

This website remains as a legacy of the achievements of our five-year foundational journey towards a digital built Britain

Version 1.0 of BSI Flex 1965: v1.0 2022, which was sponsored by the Construction Innovation Hub via Centre for Digital Built Britain’s IM programme, is available for download now and is open for comment via the Standards Development Portal until 31st of August. This BSI Flex has been developed to help clients and asset owners incorporate the use of the UK BIM Framework into their delivery of project and asset management activities.

The BSI Flex 1965: v1.0 2022 is the first iteration of a standard that provides a way of specifying the UK BIM Framework when procuring services that contain an information management element by identifying the features, values and characteristics to be considered in producing clear and unambiguous requirements. The BSI Flex 1965: v1.0 2022 also provides recommended methods to formulate these values and characteristics coherently within a specification.

The BSI Flex 1965: v1.0 2022 aims to make it easier for contracting authorities to use the UK BIM Framework to standardize the approach to generating and classifying data, data security and data exchange. On the other hand, the BSI Flex 1965: v1.0 2022 also aims to ensure and produce specifications relating to information management that are clear and unambiguous as well as reduce disputes, confusion and requests for information.

Therefore, using the BSI Flex 1965: v1.0 2022 is expected to accelerate innovation, develop expertise and improve the efficiency of individuals producing specifications and those who respond to specifications such as contracting authorities, asset managers, contractors, consultants and portfolio managers.

You can download and comment on the BSI Flex 1965: v1.0 2022 here.

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About British Standards Institution (BSI)

BSI is the national body responsible for preparing British Standards and other standards-related publications, information and services. BSI brings together business, industry, government, consumers, innovators and others to shape their combined experience and expertise into standards-based solutions.

The knowledge embodied in BSI’s standards has been carefully assembled in a dependable format and refined through our open consultation process. Organizations of all sizes and across all sectors choose standards to help them achieve their goals.

About UK BIM Framework

The UK BIM Framework sets out the approach for implementing BIM in the UK using the framework for managing information provided by the ISO 19650 series. It includes:

  • the published standards called upon to implement BIM in the UK
  • the UK BIM Guidance Framework
  • useful links to other resources

The UK BIM Framework will guide and support you in implementing BIM.