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Centre for Digital Built Britain

Read more at: Blog: Construction with Digital Twin Information Systems

Blog: Construction with Digital Twin Information Systems

21 December 2020

In order to realise the potential of digital twin information management within construction and learn how to apply it correctly, we must recognise there is a need for a holistic approach to construction management. Professor Rafael Sacks was until September 2020 a Visiting Professor at the Centre for Digital Built Britain...

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Read more at: Blog: An openBIM Approach to IoT Integration with Incomplete As-Built Data

Blog: An openBIM Approach to IoT Integration with Incomplete As-Built Data

15 December 2020

A paper by Dr Nicola Moretti , Dr Xiang Xie , Dr Jorge Merino , Justas Brazauskas and Dr Ajith Parlikad - An openBIM Approach to IoT Integration with Incomplete As-Built Data has been published in a special issue of MDPI’s Applied Sciences Journal focused on Cognitive Buildings. Lead author Dr Nicola Moretti provides a...

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Read more at: Press Release: Global BIM Summit

Press Release: Global BIM Summit

8 December 2020

CDBB Convenes global BIM Summit to target savings of $250bn through the digitalization of construction The UK's Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB) has announced today that the inaugural Global BIM Summit will take place, online, on 17 March 2021 . The global summit, which is expected to attract attendees from more...

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Workstream - Procurement for Interoperability

To understand and articulate the procurement and contractual issues arising from the need for interoperability in Government-led projects and to consider what solutions may be possible. simon_lewis.png Simon Lewis , technical lead Simon believes that Interoperability is central to the development...

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Workstream - Standard Information Approach

To share UK BIM Framework compliant approaches to information requirements (IR), enabling increased interoperability thanks to information being procured in a standardised and repeatable way. anne_kemp.png Dr Anne Kemp OBE​, technical lead Anne Kemp has 30 years of experience and is Fellow and...

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Workstream - Information Management Platform (IMP)

To explain how technologies can enable the client organisation functions of procuring, assuring, managing and maintaining interoperable data, in order to ensure that the full benefits of data management can be achieved throughout an asset’s life cycle. Part of this work will include investigating...

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Workstream - Standards

To identify, assess, and promote conformity to standards supporting interoperability, including identifying current gaps and overlaps, and make recommendations to progress on any development required at UK, CEN or ISO level. david_churcher.png David Churcher​, technical lead David Churcher...

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Workstream - Communication and Engagement - Education and Skills

To articulate the benefits case around the importance of interoperability to a wide audience, provide a set of clear learning outcomes and support the provision of targeted and digestible learning content feeding from the other BIEG work streams and topics they cover.  andy_boutle.png Andy Boutle...

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Workstream - IFC and COBie

To understand the lifecycle of information across all assets and join the dots to make our current data structures work. Reviewing and developing tools with a clear emphasis on education across all levels removing the barriers which currently exist. emma_hooper.png Emma Hooper, techinal lead (on...

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Read more at: Global BIM Summit

Global BIM Summit

Wednesday, 17 March, 2021 - 12:15

Driving shared knowledge and benefits from a global and open digital construction market About the Global BIM Summit Building on a foundation of successful collaborations between governments, and regional public sector communities, we are taking the next step together to form a Global BIM Network for the public sector. To...

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