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Centre for Digital Built Britain


Project background

What questions are City Information Modelling (CIM) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) best suited to answer?

This project examines what digital information is commonly available in UK cities and what new information can be retrieved from the built environment through BIM to aid planning. It aims to explore barriers to adoption and how data can complement or enable CIM in the UK for responsible, effective and sustainable future city development.


This project looked at Cambridge, Bristol and the devolved country of Scotland as its case studies, and identified that organisational, data-related, technological, human resource, financial and legal barriers are interrelated. Solutions for overcoming these barriers are themed around enhancing collaboration, leadership, business case and investment, innovation and strategic planning, and privacy.


  • Case studies
  • Data analysis
  • Interviews


Dr Franziska Sielker

Amarynth Sichel

Prof Phil Allmendinger


Future Cities in the making – overcoming barriers to information modelling in socially responsible cities


Digital Built Environment