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Platforms - Bridging the gap between construction + manufacturing

A new report was launched today at the MTC Showcase Event: 'Working Together: Transforming Construction'. The report 'Platforms - Bridging the gap between construction + manufacturing' sets out how a manufacture-led approach to construction would support commitments made by Government to improving the construction sector.

The report was announced by Jaimie Johnston, Director & Head of Global Systems, Bryden Wood, who spoke on 'Platform architecture for construction using manufacturing assembly methods' at the event.

The report sets out the benefits of a manufacture-led approach to construction. The purpose of this report is to build on two previous publications [‘Delivery Platforms for Government Assets - Creating a Marketplace for Manufactured Spaces' and ‘Data Driven Infrastructure: From digital tools to manufactured components’] by setting out how a manufacture-led approach to construction would support the commitments made by Government to improving the construction sector. In particular, it sets out how a platform-based approach, common in the manufacturing and software industries, could be adopted by the construction sector and the benefits this could unlock.

The document ‘Delivery Platforms for Government Assets - Creating a Marketplace for Manufactured Spaces’ described a digitally enabled process, from briefing, through design to the manufacture and assembly of a new asset.

Since its publication, much work has been done with the Ministry of Justice and the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) to put into practice a number of the aspects of the ‘Delivery Platforms’ strategy. As well as developing and physically prototyping some of the key platforms, the standard manufacturing processes that would allow their large scale adoption have also been tested.

It is therefore now possible to move from a theoretical postulation to crystallise a new process based around the planning, design and integration of platforms.

This latest publication therefore sets out how a manufacture-led approach to construction would support the commitments made by Government to improving the construction sector.