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To articulate the benefits case around the importance of interoperability to a wide audience, provide a set of clear learning outcomes and support the provision of targeted and digestible learning content feeding from the other BIEG work streams and topics they cover. 

Andy Boutle​, techinal lead

Andy has more than 19 years’ experience in the construction industry. He has spent the last seven years specifically working as a BIM specialist focussing on transforming information management within Kier Group. He also sits on the UK BIM Alliance executive team as engagement co-lead.​
Andy is focused on ensuring the foundations of information management are in place and promotes the importance of softer skills as well as the technical competencies required.  A champion of plain language and practical application, Andy is passionate about communicating in a clear, concise and consistent way.​

Aim:  to provide a set of clear learning outcomes and support the provision of targeted and digestible learning content feeding, from the other BIEG technical workstreams and topics they cover, to the industry. 

Phil Read, deputy technical lead​

Phil has worked in the IT industry in various disciplines working for leading global organisations like Cisco Systems, BT and Man and Machine. During his career, Phil led sales and operational teams in the very early days of the Internet where networks and infrastructure relied on interoperability through the TCP/IP protocol stack. This remains the cornerstone of all our everyday internet-based communications today, including the digitisation of the built environment. Phil has been delivering training and consulting services throughout his career and is applying his practical knowledge in this area, together with his understanding of the importance of standards and interoperability to the Education Upskilling work stream.